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About the App

The E-Collate app is a cross-platform messaging and financials management tool that enables users to collate and analyse SMS, email, instant messages and bank data as well as attachments and documents added into the system.

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Free to Try

Whether for personal use or business applications, you can always try out our basic product for free. You can use our free services with the basic version and extend features for a small monthly fee to access the advanced services.

Easy to Use

The E-Collate App will be available from Android store or Itunes where you can download it straight away and register your personal account. You will be ready to start uploading your compliance files and documents within minutes.

The E-Collate app includes:

  • Intuitive interaction
  • Secure online storage
  • Advanced data processing
  • Simplified classification
  • Automatic report generating and sharing
  • User-friendly interface

The E-Collate SMSF app allows users to automatically generate reports for compliance management and designate items for secure sharing with trusted third parties such as accountants, auditors, financial advisors and legal representatives.